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CourseNetworking, LLC, or the CN, provides an academic social networking site that connects instructors and students from campuses throughout the world based on shared interests and class subjects. The CN complements learning management systems such as Oncourse by providing new learning outcomes outside the classroom. 

Currently in beta, CourseNetworking is suggested for use in:

  • Face-to-face courses
  • Online and hybrid courses
  • MOOCs (massive open online courses)

CourseNetworking was created by Ali Jafari, IUPUI professor of computer and information technology in the School of Engineering and Technology.

To learn more, visit

Faculty and students from across the university share their experiences piloting theCN.


With the Spring 2013 semester, the CN is now a default tool in all Oncourse course sites. As an instructor, when you first click on the CN tool within your Oncourse site, a corresponding course will be added to the CN, including your course roster. When your students first click on the CN tool within your Oncourse course site, they will be prompted to create a CN account and password; however, the next time they click on the tool, they will be automatically logged in to the CN.  More information on CN accounts and functionality can also be found here:

    Tips for your students:

    • Students can automatically create a CourseNetworking account by clicking on the “CourseNetworking Beta” tool.
    • Encourage regular posts about subjects related to your course. They can include:
      • Links to articles
      • YouTube videos
      • Images they take via the CN iPhone app
      • Polls and surveys
    • Encourage "liking" or "reflecting" on posts by classmates or other students in similar courses around the world.
    • The CN awards Anar seeds for every activity students participate in. This provides an engaging environment for rewarding and entertaining knowledge sharing. Take advantage of this by challenging students to accumulate a certain number of Anar seeds (e.g. 500 Anar seeds) before the end of the semester. Award 5% extra credit (or something similar) if they meet the goal.