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Over the last 20 years, faculty and students have found innovative and effective ways to use the Internet for teaching and learning.  Learning Management Systems have evolved to include cloud and social networking, and Indiana University's learning technologies have continued to expand and evolve in response.  Now it's time to explore what's next for teaching and learning at IU.

Trials and assessments

IU has launched a two-year pilot program to assess and measure how next-generation teaching and learning resources may suit the needs of IU students and faculty members. Over the next two years, IU will enter into a period of trials to test multiple learning software platforms and tools.

Faculty members can choose to opt-in to these trials at any time.  UITS will partner with IU's campus centers for teaching and learning to provide participants with support, options, and guidance.

These trials and assessments are strictly an option for faculty.  Those who are comfortable with their current methods will see no change, and will continue to enjoy reliable support and access to Oncourse and other tools.

The process

  • Opt-in trials will take place over multiple semesters
  • Formal research and assessment of pilot outcomes will be conducted
  • Software options will evolve each semester based on feedback

More information will be coming soon

Questions? Please contact us.